Thursday, January 24, 2013

#25 - Two Weeks ...

-- Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires.
         --  Francois de La Rouchefoucauld

Well, I've already broken my very short streak of weekly posts.   However, this was not due to any backslide or lack of progress.   I simply got busy.  

Last week, I was excitedly preparing for a weekend trip to Colorado with some of my family.   It was the annual J.G.W.  (Just Guys Weekend).    Participants included myself, my father, brother-in-law and two of my four nephews.   My oldest nephew has grown so old and responsible that he was unable to attend because his job required him to work on one of the days we were gone.   While this was sad for us, we are also extremely proud that he made the right decision to honor his work commitments.   And the youngest nephew would have loved to come, I'm sure.  However, my dad has assured my sister that  Baby B doesn't truly become a "guy" for the JGW until he is out of diapers.   It seems an unreasoning prejudice against the toilet challenged, but for some reason I find that I can live with this policy.  

--  In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
      -- Aristotle

Overall, the trip was fantastic.   I absolutely LOVE Colorado and the time I spend out there.   Some may argue that to go to a Colorado location devoid of ski resorts in the dead of winter is ludicrous.  However, I disagree.   It is incredibly gorgeous during this time of year.   The snow sets off the mountains placing stark contrast between the ridges, valleys, canyons and crevasses.  It even sets off the forests in a fashion which, if you will excuse the old saying, allows you to see the forest for the trees.  

We managed to enjoy a few short hikes and a lot of good family time.   However, these family trips are always a challenge for me.   The family will enjoy whatever foods they want and I will be put in the position of being around some of the things that I crave.   I managed pretty well on this trip and, aside from one moment of weakness where I had to leave the dinner table and go outside, all was well.   I don't know if I am getting better at this, if my family is being more understanding of my issues, or this was just too short a trip to really challenge myself.   I imagine it is a combination of all three.   I do know (and certainly appreciate) that my brother-in-law took pains to not get strong smelling snacks at the gas stations along the way.  He knows that sitting in the car and smelling the chips or chili dogs is difficult for me.   I appreciate it greatly and wish I were stronger so that he wouldn't be required to make these accommodations for me.  But this will do in the interim.

All this said, my results on the scale were disappointing.   My results for two week's effort were a mere pound and a half.   I am awaiting next week's weigh-in before I really get upset.   Marty and I have both noticed that there is a post-Colorado bloat that has happened to me in the past.   That and the fact that I was sick a couple of days before my weigh-in may have resulted in some water retention after I resumed normal eating.   Those could just be lame excuses, but I am hanging on to them until I learn otherwise.

My thoughts for the week:

A great many good things are going on in my life.   Friends are having children.   I am enjoying my outside hobbies.  Things are good!  I need to capitalize on my happy happy joy joy feelings and use it to drive further results.  

--  He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.
      --  Socrates

I am also prepared to make another goal for this year.   I may never become a runner.   I don't know yet if I have a true love of the sport.   However, I do want to run a 5k.   I have walked several.  Even jogged short distances on a couple.   But I want to really run one.   The whole way.   (God help me)  So, it is my intention this summer to complete an entire 5k jogging.   This will be a stepping stone to bigger things if I find that I enjoy the activity.  

Today, Marty gave a speech at a local business and he had me share a small portion of my story with the group assembled.   I think it was good for me.   No, I don't enjoy bragging or in some fashion glorifying my journey.   However, it forced me to list some of the difficulties I had when I was larger and acknowledge the success I have achieved regardless of whatever backslides I have had.   It is interesting to be reminded of all that I have accomplished thus far.   And it reaffirms my position that all Square One members should be forced to record their story.   It is an affirmation of how they are doing.   And reminders of how far we have come can only help to spur ourselves to greater success.    

--  There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
      -- Maya Angelou

So dear reader, it isn't much to report this week, but I hope to give you more soon.  

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